personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231

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Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231

Transform your ordinary vehicle into a rolling masterpiece with the captivating charm of the Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231. Inspired by the legendary Rat Fink character and infused with classic pinup aesthetics, this meticulously crafted magnet encapsulates the vibrant spirit of the golden age of hot rods while embracing modern personalization.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Order the Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231 today and make an unforgettable statement on the road and beyond.

Discover the diverse collection of Car door magnet available at Rustypod, where a multitude of options await to enhance your vehicle’s visual appeal. Your possibilities for elevating your car’s aesthetics are virtually limitless.

Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231
Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231

Product Information

We use a high-quality outdoor suitable magnetic sheet, digitally print your design, and apply a UV layer for long-lasting color under the bright sun. Additionally, we offer the option of using direct vinyl lettering on the magnetic sheet.

The printed image on the product is sharp, and it can be easily installed and removed. It takes less than 10 seconds to attach it to any metal surface. When not in use, removal is just as simple – a firm tug is all it takes. The product is perfectly suited for iron car doors and can withstand up to 100 km of driving without peeling. Importantly, it leaves no adhesive residue and does not damage the car’s paint surface even after prolonged use.

Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231 are designed for easy removal and portability, providing an effective advertising solution for your business without the need for permanent attachment to your vehicle.

Looking for a powerful way to showcase your business? Look no further than Rustypod’s custom car magnets. These magnets are more than just advertisements – they’re a canvas that brings your brand to life. Crafted from the finest quality materials, and professionally printed on a flexible magnetic sheet, our magnets come in an elegant rectangular shape that exudes professionalism from every angle.

Using car door magnets couldn’t be simpler. Just place the magnetic sheet near your car door, and it will automatically attach itself in less than a second. It’s that easy! And if you want to remove it, just pull it off. Experience the convenience and versatility of our car door magnets, designed to make your life as effortless as possible.

Magnetic car signs
Magnetic car signs
    • Thickness: 0.8mm (31.5 mil / 0.0315 inches)
    • Excellent Adhesion, Specifically Suitable for Iron Surfaces
    • Water-resistant
    • Customizable Design: If you want to change the design, simply print a new decal and apply it to the magnet. There’s no need to purchase a new magnet.
    • We can create custom sizes according to your wish. Please email us: [email protected]

Let your vehicle showcase what you love most with Rustypod’s Custom Car Magnets. Whether it’s your favorite sports team, a beloved hobby, or a cherished interest, our magnets turn your car into a canvas for expressing your unique personality. Choose from various shapes and sizes, including our classic rectangular design, to perfectly match your style. Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231 ensure your chosen design remains vibrant and true. Share your passions effortlessly with Rustypod’s custom car magnets.

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Specially printed on transparent vinyl, this product allows the color of your vehicle to shine through as the background. It brings a sleek and unified appearance to your design.

  • Water-resistant Decal, Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Size Range: 6×6 inches to 40×40 inches
  • Cutting Options: Rectangular (no contour) and Contour Cut Following the Design
  • Durability: Up to 3 Years
  • No Adhesive Residue Left on the Surface after Removal
  • Compatible with Smooth Surfaces, Such as Plastic, Aluminum, Glass

Whether you opt for our magnetic car door solution that is specifically tailored for iron surfaces, or our versatile vinyl sticker that adapts to your vehicle’s color, we offer a flexible and efficient way to display your message on the go. Both options are designed with quality materials to ensure strong adherence, durability, and easy customization. Get yours today!

Promoting Your Business: Both vinyl truck lettering and car magnet signs can effectively promote your business. They are great for launching a new brand or advertising seasonal deals.

Vehicle Use: If you want consistent brand visibility for both personal and business purposes, vinyl lettering is an excellent choice. However, if you only want to advertise part-time or want the flexibility to remove the advertisement for personal use, car magnets are more suitable. Car magnets are also ideal for quickly changing promotions for products and services.

Ownership: If you are driving a company car, using a car magnet might be a better option as it can be easily removed if needed. However, if you prefer vinyl stickers, make sure to review your lease agreement and obtain consent from the leasing company before applying them.

Material Compatibility: Keep in mind that some vehicles have aluminum or plastic panels, which are not compatible with magnets. In such cases, stickers might be a more viable option.

Ultimately, the choice between car magnets and stickers depends on your specific needs, usage, and vehicle type. Consider these factors to determine which option best aligns with your promotional goals and practical considerations.

Order now: Personalized Rat fink Garage Pinup car door magnet 11231

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Guide to Personalizing Your Product on Rustypod

Step 1: Enter Personalization Details

Begin by filling in the personalization details in the provided blank fields on the product page. This may include names, dates, or specific messages you wish to add to your product.

Step 2: Preview Your Personalization

Once you have entered all necessary details, click the 'Preview' button. This allows you to check if the information you've input is correct and complete.

Step 3: Requesting Custom Changes

If you wish to alter details such as color, font, or other specifics, please note your requirements either on the payment page or via an email to us. Our email address for such requests is [email protected]. For custom requests, we always provide a preview copy for your approval before proceeding to production.

Special Note on Instant Previews:

Please be aware that some personalized products may not offer an immediate design preview due to their complexity. For these products, you will need to wait up to 12 hours for us to modify and send a preview for your approval.

Need Additional Help?

If you require further assistance or have questions regarding the personalization process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].  


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